Dear Division 21 families,

It was a pleasure having your children in my class this year – I have very much enjoyed watching them grow, develop in their learning, and change day to day.

Your children worked extremely hard and have learned and experienced so many new things…

From Blingja Breathing to butterflies, Southlands Farm to Splash n’ Dash, moving into a new classroom mid-year, performing at the Multicultural Fair, art projects, science workshops, the list goes on…we have laughed, played, learned, and enriched our lives in so many ways!

Your children will forever hold a special place in my heart and I will always have a great interest in their lives, wherever they may go, whatever they do, and whoever they become.  So please be sure to keep in touch!

Thank you for all of your beautiful cards and generous gifts today – your support and kind words mean so much to me.  My heart is full.

Have a wonderful summer and see you in September!

Madame Lexy


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