Summer Suggestions

Bonjour familles,

You may have heard the term, “summer slide”.

In French Immersion we see a marked decline in students’ reading and speaking abilities when they return in September.

After all the work we have done throughout the year to increase your child’s confidence and ability in their reading, we don’t want to lose ground over the summer. Therefore, here are a few suggestions that could help your child maintain his/her reading and speaking level over the summer.

  • Vancouver School Board summer school : There are French courses being held at Laura Secord and Kerrisdale Elementaries in July. One course per student is FREE. Registration has already begun and I know some of you have already signed up!  See for more information!
  • Tumble Books online books are available through the Vancouver Public Library for free. If you go on their site, sign in with your library card # and PIN and then type a search for “Tumble books” or “ebooks” it will come up as an option. Once you are on the Tumble Books home page, click on “languages”, choose “French” and you will see a selection of books. They load very quickly. There are options to listen to the story or mute the sound, and auto or manual page change. I have listed just a few below:
    • Easiest: Toupi and Binou series, Trop c’est trop
    • Medium: Drole de Papa, Papa est un dinosaure, Champions de glace, Les aventures de Louis castor, Papaye panda
    • Harder (or for listening to): Le gros monster, L’incroyable invention de Félicio, une excellente excuse
  • Most Vancouver Public libraries have French sections. You could ask the librarian for early reading books. You can have books brought from another library to your local one.
  • Canadian Parents For French
CPF offers family camps. On their site they also list a whole bunch of French day camps in Greater Vancouver offered by other organizations, including a French Circus school camp!

  • West Point Grey Community Centre Summer Day Camp – Camp Soleil (6-12 yrs)
Bienvenue au camp d’ete! This camp is designed for children with a working knowledge of French, have attended French immersion, or familiar with speaking French at home.

  • Hire a gr 6/7 student from Strathcona to read with your child. Perhaps you have a neighbour or I could put you into contact with a student who has training from the Peer Tutor Reading program.  If you are interested in this, please let me know ASAP so that I can coordinate with the Grade 6/7 teacher.
  • Hire an adult tutor. I could give you a list of some French tutors I know or search online sites such as Tutor Doctor.
  • If you would like some more resources such as, sight words flashcards and complex sound word lists, please let me know and I can put something together for you.

Over the summer, I suggest you make 15-30 minute per day of French practice a daily routine.

Becoming an independent reader is the most important skill your child must learn to ensure academic success in the future.

Three Criteria for Fluent Reading

  1. Accuracy: Recalling common sight words by memory, considering what word would make sense next, and decoding less familiar words through phonics
  2. Pace: speed, rhythm and expression that follows the punctuation (, . ? !)
  3. Comprehension of the story line, key details and inferences

Choosing the right level books: Flip through the first 3 pages with your child and have them count on their fingers how many difficult words they see. 5 or more is too hard.

Please let me know if you would like to meet before the summer.  I am available after June 19th most days before or after school.


Madame Lexy


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