Children’s Festival this Thursday

children's fest

Bonjour familles!

This is a reminder of our upcoming field trip to the Children’s Festival this Thursday!

The forms for this field trip went home in January as we had to pay for the tickets upfront.  We have the forms for all of the students!


Here is the field trip info:

Destination: Granville Island

Departure time: 9:15 am

Return time: 2:30 pm

Transportation: Chartered Bus


Parent Chaperones

In January, I confirmed the following volunteers for this field trip:

  • April (Anna’s mom)
  • Roy (Max B.’s dad)
  • Nicole (Ruby’s mom)
  • Heidi (Sebastian’s mom)
  • Brooke (Stella’s mom)

If you are no longer able to join us for this field trip, please let me know ASAP!  We have a few other volunteers who are interested in joining and only have a limited number of wrist bands available.



9:15 – Leave the school

9:45 – Arrive at Granville Island, eat snack, bathroom break

10:30 – Show: Le Groupe Swing @ the Revue Stage

11:30 – Eat lunch together, then free time in small groups (each parent chaperone will take a small group to explore)

2:00 – Board buses

2:30 – Return to school


Program Description (Le Groupe Swing)

Are you ready to be swept up in a tornado of music and dancing? This energetic urban folk band will get kids off their feet and dancing up a storm.  A favourite of Franco-Ontarians, the band has performed over 1,000 concerts for their young fans.  A fusion of fast fiddling, RnB, rock and traditional French music, these folk bandits provide non-stop, upbeat rhythms for an exuberant dance party they call Tradarnac.  An exciting visual feast with catchy songs, electrifying fiddlework and contagious dancing, we guarantee that by the end of the show, you won’t be sitting in your seat!



  • All groups are to remain in the designated Children’s Festival zone (except when we walk to the Revue Stage)
  • Please do not send money as the kids will NOT be allowed to purchase items from the canteen (cotton candy, slushies, etc.)
  • We will meet at the classroom at 9:00 am
  • All students and parents should bring a bag lunch (INCLUDING students on the Hot lunch Program)

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