Splash n’ Dash Info

Please carefully read checklist below to know what your child is required to wear/bring for Wednesday’s Splash n’ Dash event.

Please make sure you follow this list on race day, so that your child is well prepared.

WEAR the following items to school on the day of the event:

  • Swim suit
  • Running shoes and socks (these will get wet during the run!)
  • Running clothes
    • Shorts and t-shirt (boys can just wear their swim shorts)
    • These will go back on over their bathing suit after the swim and will get WET!

Bring the following items in a PLASTIC BAG for during the event:

  • Towel
  • Goggles (optional)

Bring the following items in a backpack for AFTER the event:

  • WARM, dry clothes for after the event
    • Your child can wear these over their running clothes to school if the weather is chilly, they will take these off when we get to Templeton
    • Students are often cold after the swim, so warm clothes are a necessity!
  • Comfortable shoes to wear back to school (their running shoes will be wet!)
  • Water-bottle and a healthy snack

*The students will be doing the “swim” in the small pool which is only about waist-deep

*Teachers/parent volunteers will meet students at the finish line or back at the class tent

*Parent volunteers will take students to the change rooms so that they can get out of their bathing suits

*Once all the students have changed and are ready to go, we will start heading back to the school

Here is the shape of the day:

9:00 – Students meet in classroom

9:15 – Leave Strathcona and walk to Hastings to catch the bus

10:00 – Arrive at Templeton (we will meet a volunteer at our class tent on the field)

10:05 – COURSE REVIEW –  Students leave backpacks and clothes for after the run at the tent.  Students will bring plastic bag to transition area.  They will already be wearing their bathing suit and will take off their running shoes and clothes and set them up for after the swim. They then follow the volunteer to the pool deck.

10:15 – RACE START TIME – Students will begin the race in the pool and will then transition to the running portion of the event.  Please note that students will not be changing out of their swimming suit until after they have completed the run.  Students will receive a medal and small snack once they have completed the race.  They are encouraged to cheer on their classmates at the finish line.

11:00 – Students change into warm, dry clothes.

11:15 – Everyone meet back at class tent, head-count, leave Templeton

11:30 – Catch bus back to Strathcona

12:10 – LUNCH (as per usual)

So far, we only have one parent volunteer to join us on the bus.  We would really appreciate it if we could get a few more parents to help, so please let me know if you are available!

If you would like to meet us at Templeton to help cheer on the students, please meet us at our class tent on the field at 10:05. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings are all welcome!



  • Cheer for everyone!  All grades, all volunteers, all teachers, all students!  Respect everyone and have fun!
  • Playground is off limits for Splash n’ Dash participants
  • Students choose their distance and count their own laps

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