Animal Research Projects

Over the next few months, we will be going to the library every Tuesday to work on independent animal research projects.

Each child has chosen an animal and will be writing about its:

  • Appearance
  • Food
  • Habitat
  • Behaviour
  • Connection to the First Nations people

I have gathered photos of each child’s animal and will be printing them at school tomorrow.

If your child would like to find their own pictures online and print them in colour, that would be great too.  They may wish to find one photo to represent each of the points above.  If you plan to do this, please send them to school in your child’s pochette.  We will be using these photos on Friday.  This is optional!

Here is the list of the animals:

Aksel Grey Wolf
Anna Robin
Anuk Moose
Azhar Ladybug
Clement Spider
December Polar Bear
Donya Raccoon
Emmi Dolphin
Ewen Squirrel
Finn Whale
Lara Dolphin
Max B Lynx
Max S-L Fox
Micah Deer
Nova Caribou
Ruby Squirrel
Silas Frog
Stella Red Fox
Stellan Brown Bear
William Polar Bear
Zack Beluga

*Alex, Rocco, and Sebastian were away last week.  They will be able to choose their animal tomorrow at the library.

**Students will also be doing their weekly book exchange on Tuesdays.  We will no longer be visiting the library on Wednesdays, so please make sure your child remembers to bring their books on or before Tuesday.  They will not be permitted to take out a new book until the old ones have been returned.  All of the animal books will be staying in the classroom.



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