Costumes for Dance Performance

Bonjour familles!

We spent the majority of Friday afternoon practicing getting into our costumes for the dance performance.  This took a lot longer than we had originally planned for (mostly due to the lack of private changing areas in our building).

For this reason, we are encouraging students to come to school early on Wednesday so that we are not rushing to get into our costumes before the performance.  You are welcome to arrive any time after 8:30am.

This is particularly important for the girls as they will all be wearing leotards and tights. Anne-Michelle is providing “second-skins” (nude coloured leotards) for the girls to wear under their costumes.  We would really appreciate it if you could help your child get into these leotards when you drop them off at school on Wednesday.

The boys are all wearing pants and shirts and should all be able to get into these independently.

Please also remember to send your child to school on Wednesday wearing baggy clothes that they will be able to put on over their costume (ideally full-length pants so that their costume does not get dirty when they go out for recess).

Thank you for your support!


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