Open House Dance Information

As you know, the students have been working hard to prepare for their dance performance at the Open House which is taking place on Wednesday, April 12th.  The theme for this year’s Open House is “Our Stories”.
Each class has prepared a special project which will be on display in the gym on the day (For example, we will be putting up our hearts and acts of kindness from Pink Shirt day).  Every class has signed up for a time to come down to the gym to see these displays.
Our class will be performing the dance four times (once for each block of students).  The times are as follows:
  • 9:40am
  • 9:50am
  • 11:40am
  • 11:50am

Parents and siblings are welcome to meet us in the gym during any of these times! We are also looking for 1-2 parent volunteers to help with costumes and organizing the students (ideally one volunteer for the boys and one for the girls).  We would need your assistance from 9-12.  Please let us know if you are available to help!

It will be announced to everyone in the gym that we are going to perform. Whomever wishes to watch will gather around.  There will probably be some background noise and movement in the gym while we are performing, but this is unavoidable due to the nature of the event.
The dance will reflect the Open House theme of “Our Stories”.

Choreographic Theme: A message from Anne-Michelle

I was asked by the vice principal to incorporate a dance performance into the Open House. The dance I have choreographed for the kids is in four parts. The kids have been split into three groups, and each group does a short dance. Each grouping has very different styles of movement, music and costume. This comprises the first three parts.The fourth part of the piece is a dance the kids do all mixed up together. Here they share movements from their own group’s dance, and dance together using bits and pieces from all 3 group dances. The piece is meant to be a celebration of how good it feels to enjoy aspects of who we are, and what we have in common, with friends and family. And then to celebrate how much good can come out of mixing it up, and sharing our culture with others.

Costume note for parents:

Anne-Michelle will be providing all of the costume pieces.  We ask that the students please wear loose pants and a loose top, or a loose dress on April 12th, performance day. They will need to put these loose clothes over their costume between performances. The students will be eating, in the classroom, enjoying their turn to view the exhibits, and having recess all on the same morning as their performances and it will be way too chaotic for them to be changing in and out of costume. So we will get them to take only the tutus off. And then they can throw a baggy layer of their own clothes, over top of the costume. This will keep the costumes clean(ish).  
All girls with long hair need to have their hair in a ponytail, braids, or bun.
Hope to see you all there!

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