Yellow Work Folders

Tomorrow, we will be sending home your child’s work in a large yellow folder (same as Term 1).  Please take some time to go over your child’s work with them.  All of their work will be mixed in there, but I ask that you please pay special attention to their story writing which has been a huge focus for us this term.  I suggested the students show you their first story and their most recent story – this will give you all a clear idea of how much they have progressed over the term.  They should all be very proud of how far they have come with their writing!

Art portfolios, duotangs, math books, journals, etc. will be coming home at the end of the year.

Please be sure to remember send back the empty yellow folder this time (ideally on Friday, so you do not forget over the break).  I had to make several new ones today and would like to use these again for Term 3.  Thank you for your understanding!

Merci beaucoup et à demain!

Madame Lexy


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