Show and Tell Info

Please see below for the assignment criteria the upcoming Show and Tell presentations.

Your child will be asked to…

  1. Tell us about 1 outdoor activity they have done in British Columbia:
  • J’aime faire…..
    • du ski (skiing)
    • du camping (camping)
    • de la randonée (hiking)
    • de la natation (swimming)
    • du vélo (biking)
  1. Tell us where/when they did this activity (can be specific):
    • J’ai fait cette activité…
      • en hiver (in the winter)
      • en été (in the summer)
      • à la plage (at the beach)
      • aux montagnes (in the mountains)
  1. Describe what they saw:
    • J’ai vu…
      • de la neige (snow)
      • les arbres (trees)
      • les animaux (animals)
  1. Describe the clothing/equipment needed to do this activity
    • Voici…
      • une casque (a helmet)
      • ma bicyclette (my bike)
      • mes skis (my skis)

Each child is encouraged to bring photos or objects/clothing to illustrate their points.  For example, if they choose skiing as their activity, they may wish to bring their ski goggles and a photo or video of themselves skiing.

Photos and videos can be brought on a USB and we can show them on the projector.  I am able to hook up iPads to the projector as well, so your child is welcome to bring an iPad on their day.  Of course, hard copies of photos are fine too!

If you need help in figuring out how to say something in French, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please click here for the presentation template (“cheat sheet”) you may wish to fill in with your child.  You should have received a hard copy of this in your child’s pochette on Monday.

Of course I will be there to prompt them if they get stuck!

Your child’s presentation will be evaluated using the following criteria:


Please discuss this and practice with your child ahead of time.

I will be sending a reminder in your child’s pochette the day before their presentation.



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