Reminders for this week

Bonjour familles!

A few reminders for this week…

Class Photos

Class photos will be this Wednesday (March 1st).  The photos will begin first thing in the morning, so please make sure you are on time.

Wednesday Dismissal

Our class has been asked to do a special dance presentation for the Open House which will be taking place in April.  For this reason, we will be recommencing dance classes with Anne-Michelle starting this week.  Dance will be taking place every Wednesday from 2:30-3:00.  We will be dismissing students EVERY Wednesday (until mid-April) from the auditorium which is located above the cafeteria.  We will meet you outside the doors in the courtyard (directly opposite the C-Building).  There is an undercover area.  We will see you there at 3:00pm this Wednesday.

I will send out more information soon about performance dates.

Change to Winter Break for 2017/2018 School Year

Please mark your calendars; the District has advised us that the Winter Break dates for 2017-2018 school year have changed from December 18th to January 1st to December 25th to January 5th (to align with all other neighbouring districts).

Merci et à demain!


Skating Tomorrow


Bonjour familles!

As you know, we are going skating tomorrow at Britannia.

The plan is to walk to the rink – this time we will be going rain or shine!

Last year, my students were soaked on the walk and were unable to enjoy their time skating.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS DRESSED IN WARM WATERPROOF CLOTHES!

The plan is to leave the school shortly after 9:00am – please be on time!  Students will come in and put away their backpacks, we will quickly go over the expectations, and then we will be on our way.

Please make sure your child wears / brings the following items:

  • Warm, waterproof coat
  • Thick socks (please also pack an extra pair of socks)
  • Warm waterproof pants (e.g. snow pants or rain pants)
  • Hat / Mittens
  • Good waterproof walking shoes or boots
  • Helmet (helmets are available at the rink, but we recommend that you bring your helmets are fine!)
  • A change of clothes including socks (just in case they get wet).  We will leave these at the school for when we return.

**Please make sure your child has a SNACK in a disposable wrapper that fits in their coat pocket.

**Please DO NOT send your child with any money (students will not be permitted to buy anything at the rink).

**Your child is welcome to bring their own skates, but will be responsible for carrying them on the walk.  Skates are available at the rink.

Volunteer Chaperones:

Please meet the class at 9:00am as we will be leaving right away.  I would really appreciate the help of 1-2 parents in getting the kids organized with their snacks and gear before we leave.  I would appreciate everyone’s help in putting on the skates once we get to the rink.  You are welcome to skate on the ice with us as well!

We will be returning at approximately 11:30am.

Merci et à demain!

Valentine’s Day

Students are invited to wear red, white, and pink on Tuesday to celebrate Valentine’s day.

In the morning, we will be finishing off a special Valentine’s art project we started on Friday.

In the afternoon, students will be able to hand out their Valentine’s cards.  We decorated bags on Friday with our big buddy class for the cards.  This is completely optional for students.  They are also welcome to bring little treats to put in the bags (e.g. cinnamon hearts, lollipops, chocolate, etc.).

Here is a class list:

Max B
Max S-L