Change to Pick-Up @ 3:00pm

Bonjour familles,

We are going to make a slight change to the pick-up routine as it is not working for me to dismiss the students from outside.

Starting today, please come inside to the main foyer at 2:55pm and I will dismiss the students from there.  This way I will be able to keep an eye on the classroom door and if students forget things, they can go back in.  I ask that you please stay in the open area (near to the outside doors).  Please do not come around the corner to the classroom door as it will be too crowded with everyone coming out (I also do not want to get in the way of the Kindergarten class who will also be leaving at that time).

Please make sure you give me a nod or wave before leaving (this includes older siblings!).

We will try this out and see if it works.

We will keep the morning routine the same with students waiting outside until we come to get them.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility!

Madame Lexy


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