Dictée and Songs

Tomorrow will be our first Dictée.  I will be saying the words out loud one by one and the students will write them down on the sheet provided.  I will not be doing a “surprise sentence” tomorrow as it our first dictée.

The dictée sheets will be marked and sent home at the end of the day.  You do not need to send these back to school.

Today, some students may have brought home a photo of how they practice their dictée words in class. In addition to practicing these words on their whiteboard every morning, students have the opportunity to practice these words during our Daily 5 literacy program (e.g. wiki stix, rainbow writing, magnetic letters, letter stamps, play dough, etc.).  Once they have finished making all of the words, they take a photo of their work with the class iPad.  This is a way to motivate them to complete their work to the best of their ability, and it also gives them the opportunity to share it with you at home. You do not need to send these back to school.

Another way we practice our dictée words in class is through songs.  This week, we learned the song “J’ai faim, j’ai soif” by Alain le Lait.

The students filled in the missing dictée words in their songbooks which should be coming home at the end of the day tomorrow.

Here are a few other songs that contain the dictée words.  It is important for students to learn these words in context as well as to be able to recognize them in isolation (which is why we search for them in songs, reading books, and in our writing).

You may wish to practice these songs tonight to get the words in their head – every time they hear a word in the song, they can write it down.  Or they can write all the words down and then make a tally of how many times they hear each word in the song.  We will be doing something similar in class first thing tomorrow as a warm-up.

À demain!


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