Home Reading

We will soon be starting our Home Reading Program, which will be available to those wishing to participate.

Please check your child’s pochette today for some important information regarding the Home Reading Program.

Included in this package will be:

  • A suggestion sheet from me with ideas to help you support your child’s reading at home
  • A letter/form from the Primary French Immersion Team at Strathcona.
    • Your child will be able to bring home books as soon as we have received the completed form at the bottom of this letter.
    • At this time, your child will be provided with a labeled Ziplock bag containing their first take home reading book and a reading log.
  • A handout explaining the level your child is currently working at (including a checklist of the skills and strategies your child will be working on in class this term)
    • Please note that the level your child brings home will be 1-2 levels lower than the level we are working on in class
    • Here are the “in-class” Reading Expectations for the END of Term 2:
      • Level 1-2 (Not Yet Meeting)
      • Level 3 (Approaching)
      • Level 4 (Meeting)
      • Level 5+ (Fully Meeting)
    • I will be supporting the students in choosing a book that is at their level.  I would very much appreciate your help in ensuring that your child brings home books at an appropriate level.
    • When your child moves up a level, a new handout will be sent home.  The levels are as follows:
      • Magenta (Levels 1-2)
      • Red (Levels 3-5)
      • Yellow (Levels 6-8)
      • Blue (Levels 9-11)

If you have any questions or concerns, you can write me a note in the comments section of the Reading Log or put a note in your child’s pochette.

Please make sure to check your child’s pochette after school today!



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