Missing Lunch Bags

Bonjour familles,

I was finally able to track down the missing lunch bags.  Several students had put their bags in the bin belonging to the intermediate class that eats at our table before us.

The bins are clearly marked with my name and our division number (21).

img_2597 This system was explained to students several times during Term 1.  I will go over it with the students today and will remind them to check the label before putting their lunch bag in the bin.  Our Grade 4/5 buddy class delivers the bins at the end of the lunch hour, so if the students do not put their lunch bag in the correct bin it will likely get delivered to the wrong class and will be hard to track down.

If you child is having trouble following this routine, please review it with them at home.

I will leave the found items out on the table by the classroom today.  Feel free to come take a look when you drop off your child.  Otherwise these items will be sent home at the end of the day.


Thank you!


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