Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Bonjour familles!

We had a great first day in the new classroom!

We spent quite a bit of time going over the new classroom and building routines.  There is a lot to remember so we will be reviewing this over the next week.

One of the routines we practiced was drop-off and pick-up.  The students have been instructed to use only the doors facing on to Keefer street (NOT the doors leading into the courtyard). Students will be using these doors after recess and lunch as well as before and after school.  Please help the students to get in the habit of these doors by walking around the building when you drop them off and pick them up.  Please do not cut through the building from the front entrance. You can access the Keefer doors by going around the East side of the building. There are 200+ students entering and exiting through the courtyard doors (including students in Grade 6/7) and we want to keep the traffic to a minimum and of course keep the little ones safe.

In the morning, we ask that students please line up outside the Keefer doors.  Madame Bouchard and Madame Lexy will come to pick up the students at 9:00.  On rainy days, students and parents are welcome to come inside the main foyer at 8:55.  Students must be supervised by an adult until the bell rings.  We ask that you are quiet inside the building as teachers are often busy prepping materials or in morning meetings.

After school, please wait outside the Keefer doors.  We will dismiss students from there.  On rainy days, you are welcome to come into the main foyer at 2:55.  We will meet you there!

Please make sure your child remembers to bring back their inside shoes tomorrow.  With the snow, we are trying to avoid getting the classroom floor wet and slippery.

I will be away tomorrow morning at a workshop, but Madame Stewart can answer any of your questions.  Otherwise, I will see you at 3:00.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this hectic time!

Madame Lexy


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