Family Photos

Next week, we will be doing a special writing project about families. On or before Monday, please send your child to school with 3 photos of their family.  We will be cutting/gluing these photos so please do not send anything you hope to get back.

In class, your child will asked to write a sentence to describe each picture.  Here are a few examples of what students will be expected to write:

  • Present members of his/her family
    • Il y a 4 personnes dans ma famille.
    • Voici ma maman. (Here is my mom.)
    • Voici mon papa. (Here is my dad.)
    • J’ai une soeur.  (I have a sister.)
    • J’ai un frère. (I have a brother.)


  • Describe things she/he enjoys doing with their family
    • J’aime jouer. (I like to play.)
    • J’aime lire. (I like to read.)
    • J’aime voyager. (I like to travel.)


  • Tell us about a special memory with their family
    • Je suis allé à… (I went to…)



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